How can you tap into the power to create? And what exactly does that mean? Now, we're not writing this for everybody. No we're not. But this is directly connected to political ideology. It’s directly connected to the world crisis of today and the fundamental aspect of the world crisis of today is the destruction of the biological foundations of life by malevolent political and economic forces. That’s the foundation of what needs to be dealt with. It is more than that though. It is a respect for nature. It is a recognition of nature as a revelation of truth and connecting yourself to nature.

Now we are not going to get into the details of the subject of religion, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, whatever your religion is. But in any sane religion, in any sane aspect of religion, you don’t destroy the biological foundations of life. And there are perversions of religion. The American Evangelical Christian community is currently in the midst of some of the worst perversions that somehow legitimize the destruction of nature. These actions are evil.



So, how do you tap into creativity? We certainly don’t claim to know what’s going on in the life of every person who’s reading this article. We are going to just stick to some basics that will help you get focused.

First, you need to surround yourself with nature, or a music video of nature itself. Now, nature’s been so thoroughly destroyed that for a lot of the people who are reading this, there is no nature around you. Maybe you can go for a walk in the park and see some scraggly trees, but basically you’re living in today’s modern plutocratic wasteland. So what to do? Well all is not lost. Every society, every time in history has its pluses and minuses. While real nature has been wiped out for literally billions of people, you can still see splendors of nature that are beyond almost anybody in any lifetime on the Internet. And some people may say, "Well that’s not a substitute," and it’s not, but it’s still important because you can be inspired at looking at great nature videos on the Internet and that’s why we list them on our website, and will list them in the links below. You need to read inspiring material that’s listed on our website. You need to listen to inspiring music. Again that’s on our website and some of the links below. Go to our website and see what’s there.


We also have to talk about lifestyle issues. For some people, your worst enemies are people that you think are your best friends. That’s right, so what do you do? On Saturday night will you think that you’re under some kind of constitutional obligation to consume a lot of drugs and alcohol? Wrong. That’s not good for you. It’s not. It damages your creativity. We're not saying that somebody couldn’t be inspired doing a certain amount of drinking and writing a great song, it happens, but heavy use of drugs and alcohol is a disaster. It’s extremely unhealthy and it’s going to get control of you. Some people out there who do this claim you’ve got it under control. Wrong. It’s controlling you and it messes up your subconscious and your ability to think. So there’s an issue right there. And just mindlessly hanging out with people is also a problem if those people are not into reform. If people think that everything is wonderful they're probably the wrong people to hang out with. We're not going to judge every person’s friends. We don’t know them, but you need to surround yourself with creative people and ideological people. You do.

What would be your creative muse? We don’t know. It could be music. It could be film. We don’t know. We're certainly not going to have some ridiculous cookie-cutter definition of what it is. We're metal fans. We like metal. We're certainly not restricting anybody to that. That would be ridiculous. If somebody likes country music, Hip Hop, or whatever your inspiration is, go for it and see how you can use that to deal with the current crisis.


Now as to other ideological aspects of this we could go on, but we would also state that you need to make time to be alone to be creative. Wake up early in the morning. We find drinking coffee can be helpful to clarify your mind. You need silence. You need silence to be alone to tune into your subconscious. We strongly recommend people practice with a webcam or voice recorder. You can use Google Docs to take down your transcripts. You need time to be alone and try to talk about things that matter to you.




We're here to create ideological soldiers. Prophets. Artists. Warriors.

You don’t have a choice but to step forward. You can say, "Well what can I do?" Well here’s the basic big picture. All great movements in history are made up of millions and millions of people. One of Jesse Jackson’s best speeches was where he attacked the celebrity syndrome. The celebrity syndrome is created by modern capitalist society, that if you’re not a big basketball star, if you’re not a big football star, if you’re not a big billionaire, if you’re not a big millionaire, then you're nothing, you're nobody and you can do nothing. This is a very evil and destructive ideology. Everybody can do something. And in the coming struggle, it can be the final 0.1% that will be the difference between victory and defeat, and that 0.1% could very well be you.


We're not going to get into this religion or that religion. That’s an invitation for trouble. We will say that there is a universal vision of judgment in most of the world’s great religions. That people are judged by God for what they do. There is a system of Karma. There is a system of Samsara, to use the Hindu term. The people are judged by what they do. So we would use an analogy from the Bible, where a rich guy comes into the temple and he pours big tons of gold under the temple plates and is dressed in fancy closings, perfumed and he looks just perfect and everybody hails him as the holiest guy around and the most wonderful person. And a poverty-stricken woman in rags, who probably didn’t smell too good, comes in and puts in a penny and everybody sneers at her. Well here’s the point that Jesus pointed out, what that woman gave was far more of a sacrifice than what the rich man gave. You see, and there will be a vision of judgment in the end.



So if your main frame of reference is whether you’re going to become a big celebrity, and win a prize, and make money on Wall Street, or have some ridiculous sex life that’s portrayed in the porno movies, which of course doesn't exist. If that’s your concept of reality, you’re very screwed up. That’s not real life. That’s the plutocratic nonsense of capitalism. Real life is millions upon millions, and in our world, billions of people out there, there are hundreds of millions of people who are going to be part of the coming revolution.

Whether it's the Judeo Christian Heaven and Hell, or the Asian concepts of Karama and Samsara, or the Egyptian Osiris, there is a divine judgment that will sort all that out.

So who will the heroes be? That’s not for you to decide. But it’s very important to understand in the great religions of the world and the great philosophers like Plato there is a concept of justice in the end, or even the Egyptian book of the dead. These are eternal truths, and that’s what you need to focus on. Not ideas about whether you’re going to become a celebrity or not. That’s not real.

We're not here to tell you exactly what to do, we're simply inspiring you to try to go out and do something. We're also warning you that doing nothing isn’t an option.


In conclusion, the money lords want you to believe that they are in control. The money lords want you to believe that resistance is futile. The money lords want you to shut up. The money lords want you to amuse yourself with doing crack, hitting the bottle and getting trashed on the weekends. That’s what they want because that makes you weak. But you have power. You have power and people all around the world are getting fed up with the money lords. A revolution is coming. A series of revolutions are coming and you are needed. That’s right. You are needed. And they don’t want you to know that you have power. Sun Tzu said that victory is the control of the mind. If someone can control that, they can convince the enemy that the war is hopeless. If your enemies can do that, they've already won. So you’re being the victim of mental games and propaganda. The people at the top are not 10 feet tall. They’re not. It's likely a good part of them are going to be 10 feet under. We're not recommending violence. We're definitely not. But there’s going to be a lot of turmoil and there’s going to be a definite rearrangement on this planet about who’s in charge and who isn’t as the current world order collapses.

So go to our website and look at what’s there. We don’t have all the answers. But people all around the world are coming together and rising up and we have something that could help.



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